Internet Marketing Strategy – How to Create an Endless Stream of Referrals

By | May 21, 2023

The internet, like television, radio, or newspaper is considered as a mass medium. Today, internet is one of the most popular mass medium. Unlike the television, information is disseminated across the globe, Unlike the newspaper, news can be updated in just minutes. It’s no doubt, that even the popularity of a famous blogger can be compared to an international artist. Companies and businesses see that as an opportunity that is why internet marketing was born.

Internet marketing is anything that is related to promoting products, businesses and services using the World Wide Web. If you have a blog that promotes products like for example you want to tell the world what iPhone 4 is; or you sell your business online then you are already an internet marketer.

The advantage of marketing online is that there is a wide reach of customers because it is showed globally and the startup cost is low.

Internet marketing before was just a way to share information to people across the globe. Television was the top in marketing before because it was the most widely used mass medium. But now, because of social networking and with the popularization of netbooks and inexpensive laptops and computers, internet became the target of businesspeople.

Internet Marketing has several ways to reach customers:

Blogging and Article Writing

Internet marketers publish blogs and articles to provide information to people. The internet today is a large gateway of information. People wants to learn, be informed of the latest news and be up to date with the latest trends.

Bloggers not affiliated with internet marketers make blog out of the company or a specific product and publish it online. In that way, they get free advertising and when the blog becomes popular businesses will sponsor them.

Affiliate Marketing

Some businesses use people to let their products be known. A product is introduced to prospective sellers to sell it and gain a percentage of the sales. To be able to garner more sales, the seller introduces the business to another prospect. The prospect if agreed on the business will now be an affiliate of the seller. It is a cost-effective in a business because payment only happens when there are results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media greatly contributes to the world wide web. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace is a way where internet marketers can interact with its customers, share news and information, and be in touch with them always. The more followers/friends the business has, the more leads they have.


Goods or services are sold directly to the customers. These are usually business or company websites that has their product on display so that customer can directly purchase the products from them.

And this is how internet marketing is done:

One-to-one approach

In this business model, the internet marketer targets users browsing the internet to promote a business or service. This approach is used in search engine marketing, for which the advertisements are based on search engine keywords.

Appeal to specific interests

This approach place emphasis on appealing to a specific behavior or interest. Rather than giving or digging into what the world wants in general, this approach separates itself according to age group, gender, geography, and other general factors.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is about finding a smaller segment of a market and creating a product or service on that market. An example of a market is “cars”, a niche market could be “hybrid cars”, “electric cars”, or “Toyota”.

Geo Targeting

This method determines the geo-location of website visitors using a geo-location software and deliver different content to that visitor based on the location, country, region, state, zip code, Internet Protocol(IP) and other criteria.


  • It is inexpensive compared to other advertising methods. It does not require a very large capital to start your business.
  • There is a lot of free resources online. Experience is not necessary in internet marketing because there is a lot of internet marketers that can share their experience to you.
  • The store is open 24 hours a day. You can still make money even when you are sleeping.
  • Your customers are across the globe. It is not limited to your neighborhood, your city or your country.


  • The demand changes from time to time. The demand can change based on the latest trends, what is in trend today can change after a month so keep watch and make changes when new trend arrives.
  • There is a wide competition online. You are not the only one who offers or sells products.
  • People are cautious because of the scams spreading online.
  • In the buyer’s perspective, the inability to touch, smell, try on tangible goods make them doubtful. Compensate by having return policies or providing in-store pick up services.
  • Internet marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it requires a lot of effort to make it work.